Augment -

Workflows with AI

With our augmented intelligence, your team is able to benefit from a human-focused partnership between artificial intelligence and people! As a result, they become more productive by gaining knowledge, making better choices, and creating new experiences together. Ultimately, all innovations add value to your bottom line

IA Explorer Engine

Augmented intelligence is a new, innovative way to augment your current enterprise applications. The smart plugs can be deployed as browser plugins without any changes to your existing code or application!

Our team of data scientists and risk analysts have built the most comprehensive, end-to-end platform for using model results across business scenarios. We offer pre-built modules that can be customized for your specific use case, for example customer information, graph view, timeline view, geographical view and watchlists, etc.

How it works?


Smart Plugs

  • Embed ML/AI as a browser based plugin
  • Easy to Install and Manage
  • Easy to Use and Extend

Composable Explorer Screens

  • Prebuilt screens to speed up development and deployment
  • Enable your team to work at speed of thought
  • Workflow consolidation, no need to jump through hundreds of screens

Cloud Native

  • Trust of on prem. solution and reliability of cloud
  • Scalable and traceable
  • Automation with AI


When to use this approach?

  • Embed ML/AI in legacy applications
  • Smart Automation
  • Work flow augmentation with AI modules


Key Use Cases

  • Enhanced and unified user experience
  • Workflow automation and digitization
  • What if scenarios and Smart Calculators for Ops with AI to enable upsell and cross sell


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Whats makes our software powerful

01 /

Making Smart & 
Informed Decisions

02 /

The Trust of On-Prem & Reliability of the Cloud

03 /

Make existing business processes smarter without changing the core application

04 /

Pre-built modules to speed up the time to market

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