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Models & Rules in Production

We developed Centurion an AI Engineering SaaS platform as a modular, composable, and resilient system to deploy models and rules in production for companies needing continuous intelligence, and enhanced business operations

Composable ML Model Orchestration Engine

You can automate the continuous transformation of business events with our system.
An event-driven architecture allows the mix-and-match of 3rd party APIs on demand, based on the data needed to make decisions.

Smart variables and transformation rules are provided out of the box.Multi-Stage Decision Flow enables you to manage, maintain, and monitor complex decision-making.  You can automate your rule book with rules sets and track changes with the integrated GIT style change manager. Out-of-the-box workflow and auditing features are available. Rules can be applied to different applications and environments.

How it works?


Data Enrichment

  • Standardized event definitions across environments
  • Smart Variables and associated rules and transformations
  • Data Lineage

Multi-Stage Decision Flow & Rule Sets

  • Composable models with no code/low code environment
  • Replay event to enable continuous and adaptive decisioning
  • Rule are composed in Rules sets to automate the rule books

Audit and Decisioning Lineage

  • GIT style model and rules versioning
  • Data logging to track how decision was made
  • Model deployment approval process


When to use this approach?

  • Implement models/rules in production
  • Integrate 3rd party API and conditional data pulls
  • Rule engine with memory and state management


Key Use Cases

  • Fraud and business Policy abuse
  • Business Process automation
  • Composable model orchestration


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What makes our software powerful

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Auto Scale, Cloud-Native

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Speed, A/B Experiments

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Low/No Code

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Workflow & Audit

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