Our Services

We provide advanced Data Science Pods to attack your company’s most challenging business needs. Our consulting pods employ innovative tools such as ML Graph, along with cutting-edge research from academia and industry. We build sophisticated AI/ML models that are paired with Rules Engines to provide immediate financial impact.

Modeling Methodology

Hudson Data has refined its Data Science methodology over the years and has developed some of the most innovative AI/ML models in production today. Automation-driven ML pipelines enable us to iterate through thousands of models in a short time, increasing the robustness of the results. Our experience working with relevant third-party datasets provide greater modeling robustness and efficacy.

Team Structure

Our Consulting teams are structured into “Pods," self-sustaining teams that includes all necessary expertise to solve a problem. Members include

  • Delivery Manager
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Engineers

Our Impact

  • On-Line Lending – Predictive models power the underwriting of $1+ Billion annually for a leading online lending firm. The entire lending portfolio is built upon decisions powered by Hudson Data’s regulatory compliant models that enable the firm to make lending decisions in under 3 seconds, while lowering the probability of default 30% below the industry average. Further automation is provided by the model as it analyzes risk-based pricing metrics and assigns the appropriate APR to each potential borrower.

  • Fortune 500 Firm – Savings of $30 Million annually by predicting and preventing fraudulent activity. Hudson Data models have enabled the firm make informed decisions earlier in the customer lifecyle.

  • Top 10 Retail Bank – Saving of $12 Million by detecting fraud in PIN POS networks.