Training Services

Hudson Data provides Data Science training focused on AI and Machine Learning for companies that want to improve their employees’ data science skillsets.


Hudson Data’s basic training, BitBootcamp, provides a comprehensive overview of the concepts, frameworks, and tools that underpin Machine Learning. Students gain a clear understanding of data modelling and components needed for successful model design and development.

Data Science Analytics

Our more advanced curriculum, Data Science Analytics, is designed to upskill data professionals such as Data Analysts and Data Engineers. Individuals that are responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and specifying Machine Learning models will benefit from this course as they will be better prepared to integrate machine learning into existing business processes.

Executive AI/ML Bootcamp

This intense two day Executive AI/ML Bootcamp is designed specifically for executives and senior managers who want to learn the latest in AI and Machine Learning. From modifying organization structure, hiring the right talent, to what projects to choose, this course will help organizations do something meaningful that will drive lasting change and transform operations.