1. Case Study: Credit Risk Model
Develop a probability of default models for unsecured lending population

Ask: Create a Superior Credit Score Model!

Can we outperform industry standards like FICO or Vantage, surpassing even your existing internal models?

Some of the Challenges we solve for:
1. Subprime Unsecured Portfolios
2. Small book size, with limited internal performance data
3. Thin files, and limited data

2. Thousands of data point on an Prospect
How do we select the data we need to access the credit quality

Amidst a vast array of data points spanning from traditional bureaus to alternative providers in the credit landscape, the challenge lies in discerning the most pertinent information to inform optimal decision-making.
How do we navigate this sea of data to pinpoint the essential elements that lead to sound decisions?

3. Shovel or Mining Rigs ?
Seriously, Excel/Python Notebooks or Purpose built machines ...

Imagine you're seeking gold amidst a sea of dirt: would you opt for a shovel and manual labor, or embrace modern machinery for efficiency and effectiveness?

4. Introducing Centurion: Modern machinery for Risk data mining
Crafted by practitioners, for practitioners

We provide prebuilt machines designed to analyze data at the speed of thought, empowering you to take swift and superior actions.

5. Results - Success !!
We stand with our customers and take pride in their success.

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