Centurion Platform

We offer tailored AI/ML solutions, including agile building blocks, pre-built model recipes, and expert orchestration, designed specifically for credit risk and fraud management.

Our comprehensive platform empowers you to uncover and automate intelligent decision-making processes, ensuring proactive risk mitigation and fraud detection.

Enabling Decision Excellence

Our Products

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Model Foundry

Discover and identify key decision strategies with the help of our prebuilt recipes and AI building blocks with No Code model development studio

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A cutting-edge, highly scalable solution designed for the effective implementation of graph-based machine learning

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Automate and scale-up decision-making strategies in production with no/low code platform

Our Impact

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Developed AI/ML models for underwriting, facilitating over $2.5 billion in annual transactions, while consistently achieving industry-leading risk-adjusted yields. Our efforts supported a rapidly expanding Inc 500 fintech firm, ensuring optimal risk management and financial performance

Key Insight - 

Leverage network effect to solve for self select problem in a growing portfolio

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Utilized self-supervised and graph network models to accurately predict insurance misrepresentations, staged accidents, PIP fraud, and other fraudulent activities for a leading national auto carrier, resulting in annual savings of $30 million. Our innovative approach to fraud detection significantly enhanced the carrier's ability to mitigate risks and protect against financial losses."

Key Insight - 

Leverage digital exhaust to look for hidden patterns

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Developed cutting-edge models to pinpoint common points of compromise and detect outlier activities within PIN POS networks. This proactive monitoring of transactions and efficient fraud dispute management resulted in annual savings of $12 million in PIN POS fraud losses for a leading national bank. Our innovative approach bolstered the bank's security measures, ensuring robust protection against fraudulent activities.

Key Insight - 

Leverage survival models to track the tainted assets and proactive monitoring

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Disrupting in-car commerce marketplace for seamless transactions forecasted to be a $15B marketplace

Key Insight - 

Enabling in-the-moment transactions on the move

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Our look-alike acquisition models have revolutionized marketing efficiency, slashing spending by 70% while boosting acquisition rates by threefold compared to the baseline. This transformative achievement underscores our commitment to driving impactful results and maximizing ROI for our clients.

Key Insight - 

Leverage dynamic (AI/ML driven micro-segmentation) personas and corresponding messaging resulting in higher conversion rates

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