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Discover new possibilities with AI/ML, make consistent, smarter & faster decisions

We offer agile AI/ML building blocks and thought leadership to assist you in discovering, implementing, and augmenting intelligent decision-making.

Our Offerings

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Discover and identify key decision strategies with the help of our prebuilt recipes and AI building blocks

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Automate and scale-up decision-making strategies in production with no/low code platform

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Empower your team by augmenting human intelligence, with relevant and superior decision making powers

Our Impact

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Created AI/ML models to underwrite $2.5+ Billion annually while maintaining the best risk adjusted yields in the industry for a rapidly growing Inc 500 consumer loans fintech

Key Insight - 

Leverage network effect to solve for self select problem in a growing portfolio

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Developed self supervised and graph network models to predict insurance misrepresentations fraud, staged accidents, PIP fraud and others for a top 5 national carrier, saving $30 million annually

Key Insight - 

Leverage digital exhaust to look for hidden patterns

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Created models to identify common points of compromise and outlier activities in PIN POS networks, resulting in proactive monitoring of transactions and fraud dispute management, which saved $12 Million in PIN POS fraud losses annually for a top 3 national bank

Key Insight - 

Leverage survival models to track the tainted assets and proactive monitoring

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Disrupting in-car commerce marketplace for seamless transactions forecasted to be a $15B marketplace

Key Insight - 

Enabling in-the-moment transactions on the move

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Our look-alike acquisition models reduced the marketing spend by 70% while increasing the acquisition rate by 3x from baseline

Key Insight - 

Leverage dynamic (AI/ML driven micro-segmentation) personas and corresponding messaging resulting in higher conversion rates

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