• ML Powered Fraud Prevention
  • We are talking about processing millions of edges in seconds

Supercharge you risk management with Machine Learning

Applied Data Science

Hudson Data is a Machine Learning company specializing in Risk Management. Our mission is to take vast amounts of diverse data and create predictive models used in production. Give us your most complex design challenges and see how our deep domain expertise can help augment your data science team.

What We Do

  • Data Wrangling – Specializing in toolsets, both on-prem and in cloud, that wrangle the largest, fastest, ever-changing datasets.
  • Model Development – Graph analytics, Micro-Segmentation, and Machine Learning, combine to provide insights previously not possible with classical methods.
  • ML Rules Engines – Employ proprietary Rules Engines that constantly learn and evolves.
  • Cloud Integration – Expertise and partnerships with Google Cloud Platform and AWS ensure sensitive, regulated data is protected in the cloud.

Our Impact   

We have been able to significantly improve our client’s revenue streams and reduce fraud losses, saving clients tens of millions of dollars.

Leading On-Line Lending Firm – Predictive models power the underwriting of $1+ Billion annually

Fortune 500 P&C Company – Saving of $30 Million by predicting fraud early in the customer lifecycle.

Top 10 Retail Bank – Saving of $12 Million by detecting fraud in PIN POS networks.

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  • Wework - Galaxy Hotel, Sector 15 4th Floor, Gurugram, Haryana 122001, India

  • info@hudsondata.com