1. Case Study: Lead Scoring Model
Develop a Lead Scoring model (rank order prospects list) to maximize New Accounts Operations

Ask: Build a Lead Scoring Model to maximize outbound Sales Operations

By Focusing on top X% prospects list maximize Y% conversion rate

Build a AI model to Rank order the prospect list daily by the probability of conversion
2. Business Questions
Can we leverage the internal web signal data to build the model and optimize the leads

Measure the buy intent from our own web traffic to prioritize leads for outbound sales efforts 

3. VIA: Enable Data Driven Decisions
Business Strategy is driven by Models trained on high quality data

Applying VIA ( Value, Information, Analytics) framework

4. Leverage Model Foundry to build model and Use FlowX to deploy
Model Foundry marketing recipe was leveraged to develop the model, in two weeks

Leveraged the web traffic data and built models using Model Foundry Marketing Recipe, to rank order prospect list

5. Results - Success !!
We are able to convert 89% of the leads, by focusing on top 50 percents of prospect list

The Lead Scoring model has effectively doubled the operational capacity

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